If you decide to refuse the goods immediately after the demonstration by the courier and in his presence, we take the goods at the same moment, the mark about the return of the goods is made on the expense documents at the same time, the amount is accepted for payment by the minus of the returned goods value.

If you decide to return the item after you have provided all relevant documents (including a fiscal check), the funds will be returned to you in full within 3 business days.

Personal care products (electrical razors, epilators, hair trimmers, hair dryers, hair stylers, curling irons) are subject to return only in case of detection of manufacturing defect.

In the event of an exchange or return, the buyer pays the transportation costs by himself.

"Marco" hypermarket complies with the current legislation of Kazakhstan and the law "On consumer rights protection."

You can return the item to us within 14 days from the date of purchase, if the item was not in use, the product appearance, consumer properties, seals, labels are preserved.

The following items are not subject to exchange and return according to Article 30 of the RCS "On Consumer Rights Protection": medicines, medical products, linen, stockings, animals and plants.

The guarantee is valid when you provide a cash check confirming payment for the specified item at the "Marco" Store.

The remaining conditions of return comply with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Consumer Rights Protection" and other legislative acts.

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